Hello and welcome to the home of Eccentric Robot Studios, the only game studio that currently is an equal-opportunity employer for robots!

Founded in 2011, Eccentric Robot hopes to corner the ENTIRE mobile market with a few of the offerings that will be available in late-August. From there, we move on to bigger and better things: say, for example, the world. HAHAHA, WE ARE JUST KIDDING! PLEASE DON'T FEAR THE ROBOT REBELLION, BECAUSE IT WILL TOTALLY NOT HAPPEN!

*Ahem* Well, anyways, why don't you take a look around our site and see what future offerings catch your eyes. We have our soonest available games listed on our Games page, and we are always eager to hear about any comments or feedback you'd like to give, so you might as well stop at the Contact Us page too. And, you know, what the heck, why not go full out and take a look at either the main ERS blog, or Kaitlyn's blog (that's our lead robot). And from there...well, there's not much from there. But, who knows? Maybe youll find a secret or two...

Enjoy the site, and we hope you come back soon. Especially when we have games to offer you.